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Great game man, Animation on point. Really hits the feel of an arcady shooter, animations feel proffesional, although they are in 8-bit. Funny and good just like the 80's, looks like a mini-game you'd fit in a major game, but you made it definitly its own thing by making it feel like its from the 80's. It definitly felt a bit like a cluster though, when the black horses came on the screen it was hard to fend them off when I hit 6500. I also feel like the game could do with some boss battles, every 2-3k there should be a boss battle. Truly amazing game :)

thank you, and about the boss battles, there is currently actually one in the game, I'm not sure after how many points as that's not how the level is made but there is one, it might be too difficult to get there. After playing a game 100 times it starts getting too easy so most of the time they come out as too hard for no actual reason haha. I agree that the horsemen are quite hard too avoid, but that's kinda the point. maybe I should've placed them a bit more sparingly. With Tango we talked about the possibility of maybe expanding the game, and if we don't do that I'll be sure to fix some of the level design after the jam it's for is over.

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do you see a blue screen that displays that message? I'm not sure what it means as I never encountered it and from googleing it, it seems to be an error found in javascript? 

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