A downloadable game for Windows

Frogue is a top-down platformer about a frog and his tongue?


V1 (FrogueV1.zip):

    - made some stages less anyoing
    - removed some obstacles that were just making stuff more confusing
    - fixed doors transporting you to another room when just trying to move along side them
    - D-pad support when using a gamepad
    - and other small fixes (I'm not actually sure if that's true but you never know)
    (btw your old save is deleted!)

Frogue is a small little top down platformer for the speedrun jam
(0% rogue stuff btw, it's just that it's supposed to be pronounced like frog but with a french accent)

royalty free music taken from https://soundimage.org/looping-music/

Install instructions

just unzip it and you're ready to go


FrogueV1.zip 12 MB
Frogue-Jam.zip 11 MB

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